08 – Why Christians should be concerned about Norway


Many parents in Norway are grieving over the loss of their Children who were unfairly removed by Norway’s Child welfare system. Also many Children are grieving because they’re not allowed to return to their families. What’s going on in Norway, and why should Christians be concerned about the „Forgotten Children“? Steven Bennett shares.


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[Foto: Step up 4 Children’s rights / B. Korf]


07 – A Blogger’s Perspective on Norway’s stolen Children


Steven Bennett is a Business English Teacher who enjoys writing. When he first heard about a case of Child removal in Norway he started to do his own research. This brought him in contact with several Norwegian Lawyers, Psychologists and many other experts in the country as well as with Parents whose Children were unfairly removed over flimsy reasons. This led Steven to write Articles on Facebook to inform people about the Human Rights violations that are happening in Norway.

[Foto: Step up 4 Childrens Rights / Hoffmann]

Our government is lying about Barnevernet (Norway’s Child Welfare System)

In Poland, a Norwegian woman has become a folk hero after fleeing with her child from the Norwegian CWS and sought asylum there.

Last year, around 75,000 people in more than 20 cities demonstrated around the world after NCWS had taken four children from a Norwegian-Romanian family. In the Czech Republic, the removal of a child from a Czech mother resident in Norway led to fierce criticism of Norway, both from the country’s president and many politicians, as well as several demonstrations outside the Norwegian embassy. Weiterlesen „Our government is lying about Barnevernet (Norway’s Child Welfare System)“

Child Welfare Refugees – Not without my Child

Siri (not her real name) has applied for asylum in Poland because she feels persecuted by the Norwegian Child Welfare System (NCWS).

Most parents with toddlers will nod with recognition to what is unfolding in the villa outside Warsaw this afternoon: The resident’s two-year-old has just returned from his second day in kindergarten. He is delighted and rushes between gymnastics on the coach, remote controls, cell phones and the back of his mother that becomes a steep horse at any time. Occasionally he pops under the dining table and picks up a toy for the resident’s eight-month-old baby, who with big eyes watches from her mother’s lap.

The unusual thing in this house is the status of the residents: The two Norwegian single mothers in their thirties characterise themselves and their children as refugees. „Siri“ has applied to the Polish Republic for asylum for herself and her daughter, while „Lena“ hopes that she and her son will be able to live a normal life here without going to such measures. Both mothers wish for the Polish authorities to approve their ability to be parents, claiming that the Norwegian authorities do not. Therefore, they are fleeing from the Norwegian child welfare services.

Weiterlesen „Child Welfare Refugees – Not without my Child“

06 – Shocking experiences from a Norwegian Lawyer


Sverre Skimmeland is a Norwegian Lawyer. Together with his law firm he has already worked on several cases of child removals in Norway. His insight on how the cases are being dealt with in his country is rather shocking. He appeals to the international community: „Keep up the fight. Help us to save the children.“


[Foto: Step up 4 Children’s Rights / Hoffmann]

Nadia and Caspian’s fight for freedom (Part 2)

It seemed to be the perfect happy ending for Nadia and her sweet little son Caspian. Caspian was taken by Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet, in June of 2016. With the help of a good lawyer, international pressure, prayer and social media activities, Nadia won her case in September and Caspian came straight home.

They both stayed at Margaret and Dag Hennum’s home for a while, a lovely Christian couple, where they started to recover from the horrible trauma that Norway’s Child Welfare System had just caused in their lives. Even though the case was closed and Caspian was returned to his loving mother, barnevernet never apologised for their mistake.  Weiterlesen „Nadia and Caspian’s fight for freedom (Part 2)“

Nadia and Caspian’s fight for freedom (Part 1)

Nadia’s first encounter with Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet, was when she was 13 years old. Nadia was forcefully removed from school, separated from her siblings, put into an institution, which sadly didn’t help her but in fact, made her teenage years far worse.

„I have never received any real help from the child welfare system in Norway, they have destroyed my life and we have never met again as a whole family ever since,“ says Nadia. Several years later, in her late twenties, Nadia gave birth to a baby boy called Caspian (Dec 2015). And what Nadia feared most was soon to be realised. Barnevernet approached her again and threatened to take her baby away from her unless she would be willing to submit herself together with Caspian, into a mother’s home.  Weiterlesen „Nadia and Caspian’s fight for freedom (Part 1)“

05 – Interview with Amy at the Vienna conference


American boy Tyler was just 1,5 years old when he was snatched away from his loving mother by the Norwegian Child welfare services in July 2013. In the last two Episodes we were dealing already with this case. In this Episode we share an extended interview with Amy which we recorded at our international conference on Sept. 23rd 2016 in Vienna/Austria. Hear for yourself how the so called Child „Welfare“ Services in Norway have not only ruined an other child’s life but also caused a lot of pain for the mother and father.

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